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 Quarterly photography workshops for beginners…


We are happy to offer now a package with few different and professional photography workshops for beginners. These workshops are specially intended to teach you how to use your camera, how to create stunning images in Landscape, Cityscape or Street Life Photography and to learn, with more ease than by reading a book, few little important things while enjoying real life shooting situations.

Jeremy Lavender, a professional photographer, will assist you individually during each workshop so you will have a beautiful collection of shots to add to your growing portfolio. To ensure the best communication possible between us, the available spaces are always limited to a maximum of 5 participants for each workshop. 

These quarterly workshops are specially intended for Debutant Level in Photography but anyone is welcome to assist. In addition to explaining the basics of how to use your camera the most efficient way, a walk in the City will bring opportunities of shooting various photographic activities (Mostly Street Life, Landscape, Urban and Architecture).

At these workshops, several things can be guaranteed; a friendly atmosphere, lots of fun, practical exchange of photography advice and breathtaking sceneries... 

All you need to enjoy your photography passion on a stress-free day...


Few images from previous workshops...

Images by Jeremy Lavender


The three important points of this new package are:


  1. Meeting with the same photographer, 4 times a year, in different Cities (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling,…) as we do believe, meeting with someone several times makes it more easy to get comfortable, to feel relaxed and to share more information. All of that, of course, allows you to be a lot more receptive to the technical and practical details you’ll receive during the walks around the Cities.
  2. Having a package of 4 workshops in one year also means an easy schedule of one workshop every three months, allowing to have a more expandable coverage of photography genres. you will be walking every time in a different City which will bring different photographic opportunities. Sitting on a bench, watching around, stopping for a coffee/tea, these workshops will be more like a real-life friendly experience and you could go freely with the things happening around and see how to catch some lovely images while having fun.
  3. Finally, on a monetary point… Because bad things can happen in life and often in the most unpredictable way, sometimes money can be tight. In the worst case, it may let you unable to attend one session because of money problems. So, instead of having to ask for a full payment at each workshop, we thought it would be a good idea to set-up an easy and low monthly payment with no additional costs and even with a discount compared to the usual workshop fee.


How does it work?


Usual workshop fee is £90.00 but, for this specific package, it will be reduced to £75.00 meaning an easy and low monthly payment of £25.00.

Payments will be made to the Company GAITDER LTD. Before attending your first workshop, we will ask you to have paid 3 months so the initial cost will be totally covered. An automatic payment will be made each month and you still have the possibility to cancel it at any time of course but there will be no refunds available. If for some reason, you want to cancel the payment plan, try to do it after 3 months have already been paid so you can just attend the following workshop and you will have absolutely no loss.

For each City where the workshop will take place, the meeting point will be an easy one like the train station. Anyone coming by train will be directly on the spot and for those coming by car, usually, there is always a parking lot near the station.


What is the timing?


Workshop starts at 10:30 AM at the train station and ends around 4:30 PM


What do I need to bring with me?


Your camera of course with batteries and memory cards, good and comfortable shoes and… don’t forget we are in Scotland, meaning it might be a good idea to have some additional layer of clothes and at least a protection for the rain. Also, we’ll be nearby stores but you may want to bring some snacks and drinks with you.


What is the level of difficulty for the walk?


No need to worry about that, it will be easy. You just need to be fit for a walk around Town.


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